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Among the many things that you are concerned about while going abroad, immigration is the major one. We understand that it is not easy to sort things out, alone. This understanding is the reason behind the establishment of Y-Axis in 1999. We wanted you to have someone you can trust for your immigration process. Y-Axis testimonials reveal that we have achieved this to a great extent.

If You Choose Y-Axis, You Choose the Best

The immigration processing you experience at Y-Axis is completely different from what you find elsewhere. Our services are quick and apt with an update to the client at every stage of the processing. Our services begin from the collection of your documents and end only after you get the PR visa for the country of your choice.

So, when you join hands with Y-Axis, you are free of all responsibilities. We collect your documents, file your application, submit the same to the concerned authorities and inform you of its acceptance. Through this process, Y-Axis keeps you informed. Not only this, we also tell you about the various university and job openings in the country of your choice.

You Are Safe With Us

Since we carry out the process with only that information which is provided by you, Y-Axis Fraud will never be one of your concerns. If you take a look at the Y-Axis Anti Fraud policy, you will find that we have taken all measures so that nothing can go wrong in your immigration process. Just trust Y-Axis and start your migration process.

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