Immigration Fraud – Prevention and Control

Immigration fraud is rampant these days. There are 10s of companies and individuals that claim to help you get PR visas just like that, even without knowing the what and how of immigration procedures. No wonder, they fail to live up to their promises.

Therefore, Y-Axis being India’s No. 1 immigration consultant has set up guidelines to help people keep away from such fraud. Free counseling. Detailed profile evaluation to check eligibility. A strong anti-fraud policy and much more to protect you from falling prey to fraud.

And all of it is backed by immensely talented and knowledgeable teams. They help you stay away from fraud and let you file your immigration petition with ease.

Here’s what  you should do

Check Company Profile – The first and foremost thing to do is check company profile: how old they are in the industry, their experience and success stories. These will help you understand whether a company can help you file your petition successfully.

For example: Y-Axis has been in the industry for 16 years, has 1000s of successful client stories to share.

Company Reviews and Ratings: Talk to the people who have availed services earlier. Listen to what they say and read reviews. This will give a clear picture of how the company works. In case of Y-Axis Overseas Careers you would find many Y-Axis reviews that talk about great services provided by the company. That apart, Y-Axis ratings are also the highest in the industry.

What you shouldn’t do

Hire without research – When hiring an immigration consultant, do your research well. You wouldn’t want to be fooled by someone with no experience in the field. Doing your own research to zero-in a company will help you realize your migration dream.

Do not pay without receipts – Sometimes, you pay the money but not ask for a receipt. Avoid doing that. Ask for a receipt. That’s what Y-Axis tells all its clients. This is also clearly written in Y-Axis Anti-fraud policy that helps the company counter Y-Axis fraud claims.

Following these few dos and don’ts will help you file your immigration petition for Australia, Canada or any other country you are eligible for.

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2 Responses to Immigration Fraud – Prevention and Control

  1. Jameeluddin Mohammed says:

    The experience with y-axis has been a great help for me in filing my child’s visa. They have guided me well and also update me with all sort of things needed for the processing. I want to thank Kranthi for the patience and the hard work which he has shown me while processing with my file. Thanks to y-axis and their team.

  2. Meenakshi Sundar says:

    Thanks a lot for your excellent service which you are doing it for me till now. In my opinion getting the contacts of good people is important rather than getting a job. Once again i thank you and in future also i will definitely contact you’re really good by enriching my experience.

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