Your Complaints are the Strength of Y-Axis

Not every company is open to criticism of its products and services. Unlike others Y-Axis is open to anything its clients have to say about the company. Since we provide multiple services relating to immigration, we would like to know our clients’ opinion about each and every one of them. We believe that this will help us improve constantly by understanding our flaws.

Our dedicated services

To keep this going we have a specific area dedicated for client to inform us about Y-Axis Complaints and we can rectify the same. The employees we hire are so dedicated and hard working, that the clients who rely on us for our services, will rarely get disappointed with us.

We provide not only a wide verity of services but also the best of them. Starting with visa application, we extend our services into visa submission; resume writing, overseas job search and many more. At Y-Axis, you will also get a chance to understand your eligibility for any country of your choice.

You will never be disappointed with us

As mentioned earlier, there is no scope for disappointment when you come to us for help. So because of one reason or the other, you find yourself in eligible for a particular country, don’t worry. Our trained experts will provide suitable alternatives that are in accordance with your profile and guide you through this. However, every client who gets in touch with us is warned of a few things.

We are not responsible for the rejection of any particular visa application. Although we try our best to give you what you ask for, Y-Axis does not guarantee positive results. This is totally at the discretion of the visa officer. Having said that we are happy to declare that most of our operations have been positive. Similarly our resume writing services have also been appreciated by clients. So, when you need the best services, contact Y-Axis.

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Your Reviews Inspire Y-Axis To Improve!

Taking feedback has always been useful for the improvement of Y-Axis. It has been a practice at our company to learn from our clients about their experience with us. Such a practice has proven beneficial to us on the long run. We have understood our strengths and worked on our weaknesses. All thanks to the Y-Axis Customer Reviews we have received.

What Keeps Us Going?

The honest reviews given by our clients helps us rectify our short comings and get back to them with better services. We have always believed in making our client, our top priority. With this, we have been able to take care of all their needs at the earliest. So, whether it is immigration services, visa application, submission of documents or preparation for an interview.

Apart from this our services also extend to, letting you know about your eligibility, job availability or university openings in the country of your choice. We support our clients in every possible way. You can acquire the knowledge of all your requirements for a country with us. In case, you are ineligible, you don’t need to worry! We will tell you what to do, to acquire eligibility.

What You Can Expect From Us!

Ask us anything you need to know and you will get a prompt reply. Reviews of clients have encouraged us to deliver better services each time. We will process your data and do whatever is needed to be done, once you share the required details with us. To protect you from any kind of fraud, our company follows an extremely reliable anti fraud policy.

The reviews from our clients has also made us aware of the status of our company in the market. Positive reviews do not make us stop working hard. In fact we increase our efforts in improving our status from the present to the next level. It is because we believe in giving nothing but the best to our clients.

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Trust Y-Axis for the best immigration services in India!

When you think of immigration, your first thought must be Y-Axis. It has been our aim to become synonymous with immigration, since our establishment in the year 1999. Starting from that time our only goal has been to give, the best and prompt services to our clients. To prevent any form of Y-Axis Fraud, we have built a reliable policy.

The services we offer

With us, you can avail multiple services starting from immigration, visa consultancy and even holiday packages. Each department at our company has experienced experts who take care of all your needs of making a successful career or planning an exciting trip abroad. You can rely on us for concierge of your documents, filing and submission of your application and preparation for an interview if required.

We provide you with the above mentioned services and many more at very reasonable prices. This is probably why we have been successful in gaining the number one position in India’s immigration services. Apart from this, our dedication to and our transparency with the clients also plays a role in our popularity with the people.

A special relationship with our clients

Reading Y-Axis Reviews will make you aware of the kind of services we deliver to our clients and the long lasting relationship we develop with them. Our relationship with our clients is based on trust. Y-Axis has developed this long lasting trust through an anti fraud policy, that protects our clients from deceit.

Y-Axis tries to achieve this by warning our clients not to indulge in a transaction with any of our individual employees. Likewise our clients are also warned against this. We do not take responsibility if this happens even after being warned. Further, we maintain transparency in our financial transactions by providing a receipt of all our dealings. So, you are safe with us.

Positive reviews on Y-Axis Testimonials, have encouraged us to work harder than before and give you nothing but the best. Come to us and experience it yourself!

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Consult Y-Axis For A Wide Range Of Immigration Services!

Whether it is for holiday, work or education you are planning to go abroad, Y-Axis is ready to help you with all your immigration needs. Our competent consultants here take over all the responsibilities, starting from applying for the visa to helping you find a job, a university to study or a holiday destination.

We Provide Multiple Services

When we commit to a client, for specific services, we make sure that the client returns with extreme satisfaction. Our dedication to this goal has earned good Y-Axis Reviews. We stand out from the crowd by providing a variety of services. We have raised to the top of the competition by supporting our clients with visa applications, job search and documents concierge services.

Along with this, we also help you create the best resume that will help you achieve your dream job. We provide you everything here to make sure that you don’t have to go anywhere else in search of immigration services. Since we value the time and money of our clients, we try to do everything to prevent things from going wrong.

Reliable Immigration Service Provider

We have created an Anti Fraud Policy, which gives you the security to trust us with the most important and valuable information. Our policy informs clients, prior to their association with us, not to involve in any financial association with any of our individual employees. Our employees are also given the same advice.

In case you fail to comply with this policy, the company cannot be held responsible for any deceit experienced by the client. Since the company gives top priority to the clients, we make sure that our services are always up to the mark. Such an honest effort has made us popular with clients who look for reliable immigration services in India and abroad.

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Y-Axis Provides The Best Immigration Services In India!

There are reasons, many valid reasons, which help in maintaining top Y-Axis Ratings. Among all these customer satisfaction is the top most. This is followed by our transparency in dealing with our clients.

Y-Axis Ratings have been always improving because of the dedicated work we do and the positive results we deliver. These are a few factors that helped us reach the zenith in our field.

Our Dedication To Clients

Customer satisfaction is the top priority at Y-Axis. We try to do everything in our capacity to give the best experience with our services spread over a wide range. To make sure that our clients never return, dissatisfied with us, we have come up with multiple ways. One of them is the fact that we allow our clients to express their satisfaction and also dissatisfaction.

We do it through Y-Axis Complaints Board. It is a platform where clients point out our short comings and we try to overcome the same. It has always been an experience of our clients, that none of their complaints went unheard. We always rectify the issues our clients have and make sure they are never repeated again. Our quick response to their queries is also one of the reasons for our popularity with clients.

Understand Our Services

To have a better idea about the quality of our services, one must take a look at the reviews our clients have given after relying on us for immigration services. Once you hire Y-Axis services you will know that our services go beyond the definition of immigration and visas. We help you find a suitable job or a place in a university, in the country of your choice.

Apart from this, we also help you understand your eligibility for the country you want to migrate to. In case you are not eligible, we provide you with other opportunities. Come to us and become worry free about your career abroad.

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How Y-Axis Complaints Help a Company Improve Each Day

Every business, including Y-Axis, has its share of ups & downs and positives & negatives. There are always clients that are satisfied with the services; then there are those who are not. They write negative, complain about the services and have their say wherever possible.

Therefore, to address such issues, the company has set up a separate customer relationship department. It deals with complaints, reviews, testimonials and counter any inappropriate fraud claims against the company.

How Y-Axis Addresses the Complaints

Throughout the service duration, there are various stages where the support team calls the clients to discuss their experience with the company. Right from signing up for the services till the entire deliverables are met, feedback is taken many times. During this period, it is also ensured that any Y-Axis complaints or grievances are amicably addressed.

That said, complaints of common nature are forwarded to respective departments so they are addressed for good. Any problem with regard to the service deliverables, pricing refunds, etc. are addressed immediately so as to ensure customer satisfaction.

Improving the Y-Axis Complaints

Growing in a business depends on a lot of factors and one such important factor is customer feedback – in terms of reviews, testimonials and even complaints. It helps make dramatic changes to the business model in accordance with customer requirements. And being India’s best immigration and visas company, we too take heed from clients’ say and amend business rules accordingly.

Today, our business approach is completely customer-centric; it helps us achieve better results and let us help our clients migrate overseas on PR, for studies, investment, and visit overseas.

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Find Your Career Path Through Y-Path!

Confused about your career? Y-Axis has created a solution called Y-Path, to provide you with the best guidance possible. Our counseling services are so accurate and up to date, that your career establishment process will be simplified to a great extent. Consulting Y-Path is the first step in your career establishment.

Our Unique Services

Y-Path immigration counseling will introduce you to many opportunities that can be useful to you. Our process starts with understanding your interests and finding a match for it, in the professional market. We tell you whether you are eligible for a certain job or not. In case you are not eligible, we help you gain eligibility.

With the expertise that we have gained, we tell you whether you can study, work or migrate abroad. Out SWOT analysis will tell you your potential along with the opportunities that await you abroad. Our strategy will give you Y-Path recommendations and requisites in accordance with your profile. Along with this, you can also find counseling for overseas education here.

The service is not all new. It is being offered by the Y-Axis for long time and has many Y-Axis Reviews in this regard.

A Simple Process

Once the payment is made, you will receive a mail, scheduling an interview. This is could be through email or an introduction call as it is described. Following this is a telephonic interview, which will analyze your profile. You will receive a report of this analysis in 3-5 working days. Talking to your immigration consultant can be very useful at this point.

The consultant will study your report and answer all your queries and helps you act on the options recommended for you. So, whether you have just passed 10 grade, want to pursue a bachelor’s degree abroad or you want to establish a successful business in the country of your choice, Y-Path is the best guide for you. Consulting our counselors will help you be sure of a successful career ahead.  Consult Y-Axis for the most accurate career advice.

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Contact Y-Axis For The Best Immigration Services Ever!

Among the many things that you are concerned about while going abroad, immigration is the major one. We understand that it is not easy to sort things out, alone. This understanding is the reason behind the establishment of Y-Axis in 1999. We wanted you to have someone you can trust for your immigration process. Y-Axis testimonials reveal that we have achieved this to a great extent.

If You Choose Y-Axis, You Choose the Best

The immigration processing you experience at Y-Axis is completely different from what you find elsewhere. Our services are quick and apt with an update to the client at every stage of the processing. Our services begin from the collection of your documents and end only after you get the PR visa for the country of your choice.

So, when you join hands with Y-Axis, you are free of all responsibilities. We collect your documents, file your application, submit the same to the concerned authorities and inform you of its acceptance. Through this process, Y-Axis keeps you informed. Not only this, we also tell you about the various university and job openings in the country of your choice.

You Are Safe With Us

Since we carry out the process with only that information which is provided by you, Y-Axis Fraud will never be one of your concerns. If you take a look at the Y-Axis Anti Fraud policy, you will find that we have taken all measures so that nothing can go wrong in your immigration process. Just trust Y-Axis and start your migration process.

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Choose Y-Axis For All Your Immigration Needs!

Who has the best immigration services? Who can simplify the complex process of immigration? Who can complete your processing with least effort from your end? The answer to all these questions is simple and straight – Y-Axis! This is probably the reason why Y-Axis Immigration Reviews are always positive. Reading Y-Axis Testimonials always makes us happy to know that we have so many satisfied clients.


Our services are so accurate that nothing can ever go wrong. To give you nothing but the best, we at Y-Axis, constantly update our information regarding any changes in the immigration rules of countries around the globe. Once you join hire the services the consultants will take over all your case and amicably perform from documentation processing and filing services.

We have 16 years of experience in filing the documents along with being the only immigration consultant with a far and wide reach to the clients. This makes us accessible to all our clients, irrespective of where they are. We go a step ahead of others in the market and go beyond immigration. Y-Axis lets you know the opportunities matching your profile, in the country of your choice.


Transparency is another advantage you have, when you associate with Y-Axis. You will be updated at every step of your documentation process. Our competence, commitment and experience, are the qualities that help us deliver the best to you. The company understands that job searching can be a laborious process. That is why we take the responsibility of finding the most suitable job for you.

All we need from you is guidance in terms of providing information about yourself, so we can make a thorough search accordingly. Finding a job or settling down in a new country will no longer be an issue if you choose Y-Axis to help you out.

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Y-Axis Provides Immunity to Fraud!

When it comes to immigration process, trust no one else but Y-Axis. As you read further, you will find a lot of information in support of this statement. Our anti fraud policy is the foremost among them. We value our customers the most and their satisfaction is our prime objective. Following this objectives we have gained positive Y-Axis Reviews, which we are proud of.


Our anti fraud policy is structured in such a way that, Y-Axis Fraud will never be among your issues of concern. A better understanding of our anti fraud policy will reveal that we fallow all the legal procedures to keep our clients away from any kind of deceit. To start with, we give you a receipt of all transactions you make at Y-Axis.

Although there is no way we can go wrong in this aspect, Y-Axis has provided an email for you to get in touch with us, in case something goes wrong. Apart from this, we also take care to warn our clients against making any individual payments to the employees of Y-Axis. In such a situation the company is not responsible for any fraud.


This transaction remains exclusively between the client and the individual employee. We take care to work on your processing, only with the documents you give us access to. This part of the policy prevents us from meddling with any of your legal papers. So, whatever you provide is 100% for us. Unless there is a miscommunication, there won’t be any fraud.

Y-Axis, is only concerned with familiarizing you with the opportunities available for you. We do not guarantee your placement into any firm. Our responsibility does not extend beyond bringing you closer to the opportunity. You can trust Y-Axis for all your immigration needs.

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