Y-Axis Complaints Are Verified For Genuineness

Y-Axis Overseas Careers gives immense importance to customer feedback: be it negative or positive. We scrutiny all Y-Axis complaints to verify their genuineness and learn from them. Our Customer Relationship Department communicates with the customers on a frequent basis to know their concerns and amicably resolve them (if any) at the earliest.

The customer relationship team takes feedback from time to time to ensure there are no dissatisfied customers. They co-ordinate with the respective team leads and managers and resolve customer queries as soon as Y-Axis complaints are received. The sales teams refrain from making false promises, and the process consultants deliver everything promised to the customer as per the service level agreements.

The agreements signed by customers have everything clearly mentioned – service delivery to pricing to refund policy etc. Clients are given ample time to go through the documents before they sign up for any of our services and make a payment. That said, Y-axis Overseas Careers is a customer-centric company with great focus on customer satisfaction.

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  1. Duvvuri Sekhar says:

    Hi, I would like to appreciate Vishnukant’s efforts in addressing number of queries which I had & putting me at ease while dealing with different things.

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