Your Complaints are the Strength of Y-Axis

Not every company is open to criticism of its products and services. Unlike others Y-Axis is open to anything its clients have to say about the company. Since we provide multiple services relating to immigration, we would like to know our clients’ opinion about each and every one of them. We believe that this will help us improve constantly by understanding our flaws.

Our dedicated services

To keep this going we have a specific area dedicated for client to inform us about Y-Axis Complaints and we can rectify the same. The employees we hire are so dedicated and hard working, that the clients who rely on us for our services, will rarely get disappointed with us.

We provide not only a wide verity of services but also the best of them. Starting with visa application, we extend our services into visa submission; resume writing, overseas job search and many more. At Y-Axis, you will also get a chance to understand your eligibility for any country of your choice.

You will never be disappointed with us

As mentioned earlier, there is no scope for disappointment when you come to us for help. So because of one reason or the other, you find yourself in eligible for a particular country, don’t worry. Our trained experts will provide suitable alternatives that are in accordance with your profile and guide you through this. However, every client who gets in touch with us is warned of a few things.

We are not responsible for the rejection of any particular visa application. Although we try our best to give you what you ask for, Y-Axis does not guarantee positive results. This is totally at the discretion of the visa officer. Having said that we are happy to declare that most of our operations have been positive. Similarly our resume writing services have also been appreciated by clients. So, when you need the best services, contact Y-Axis.

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